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Has your infant experienced any difficulties with...
  • torticollis/looking to one side: neck tightness on one side

  • tension throughout entire body

  • breast/bottle feeding difficulties: difficulty with latching, taking a bottle

  • post tongue/lip tie release suck training: retraining after release

  • flat head/plagiocephaly

  • developmental delays: rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, etc. 

  • tummy time: difficulty tolerating tummy time, difficulty with tummy time activities

  • support after NICU stay

  • difficulty transitioning to solids

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Has your child experienced any difficulties with...
  • feeding difficulties

    • picky eating (less than 30 foods)

    • Difficulty at meal times

    • Straw and cup drinking

    • Using utensils at mealtime 

  • sensory processing difficulties

    • difficulties with textures, sounds, movement, etc.

  • self-regulation difficulties: ability to express emotions, understanding emotions, excessive temper tantrums, harming self or others, unable to calm down

  • self-helps skills: getting dressed, socks and shoes, grooming skills, 

  • school readiness skills: knowing how to write their name, alphabet, scissor skills, 

  • fine and visual motor skills: pincer grasp, in hand manipulation, visual tracking, visual discrimination

  • bilateral coordination skills: scissor skills, buttoning, hand-eye coordination

  • difficulties in school: behaviors, difficulty completing assignments, hand fatigue

  • attention: attending to tasks, transitioning from task to task, starting new tasks

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