Toy Links 0-24 months

Here is ALL of the toys I have posted broken down my development and age.


0-3 months:

  • Rattle Toy: This rattle has holes which make it easier to pick up to work on those grasping skills! You can also use this for developing visual tracking.

  • Tummy Time Mirror: This black and white contrast mirror is a 2-in-1 that folds and has contrasting pictures and a mirror to draw and hold your baby's attention!

  • Light Up Bar: Light up toys are such a good motivator for tummy time! I love this one because it has multiple settings and languages! (This is my favorite gift to give to my friends or family that are expecting!)

3-6 months:

  • Textured Stacking Rings: These promote hand-eye coordination, crossing midline and are a variety of textures.

  • Stacking Cups: This promotes hand-eye coordination & bilateral coordination (using both sides of the body together).

  • Tummy Time Pillow: Finding toys for tummy time can be a struggle. This pillow is engaging and strengthens core muscles, works on fine and visual motor skills & crossing midline.

6-9 months:

  • Pop Up Pals: A great toy that teaches fine motor skills such as finger isolation & understanding cause and effect.

  • Rattle & Roll Car: This fun toy builds on the fine motor skills such as grasp and release & understanding cause and effect.

  • Textured Ball Set: These textured balls help with tactile development with the variety of all of the different textures. It also works on fine motor skills such as grasp and release. They LOVE to drop the balls into various containers.

  • Activity Cube: This activity cube will keep them entertained while developing fine motor skills. It is also great for encouraging sitting, tummy time, or supported standing!

  • Board Books: Books are the best but at this age, BOARD books are what you want. Because the pages are thicker board it makes it easier to isolate their fingers to turn the page. It also helps with touching various textures.

9-12 months:

  • Baby Walker: Baby walkers are awesome for helping develop those walking skills. If they tip it back too easily, you can add ankle weights to it to weigh it down.

  • Activity Table: The activity table is another great toy to work on standing all while keeping them entertained!

  • Ball & Hammer Toy: This toy is always a HIT (see what I did there...)because they get to whack at balls! It teaches the concept of cause and effect. It also works on grasp and release combined with visual motor skills to put the ball back where it is supposed to go.

  • Blocks: Blocks are great for developing those fine motor and visual motor skills. They have to use their vision to motor plan stacking the blocks. They are also really fun to knock over.

12-16 months:

  • Peg Toys: These are great for working on fine motor and visual motor skills to hold the peg and place into the peg hole.

  • Foam Climbing Blocks: Not only are these so fun, but great for working on climbing up and down stairs

  • Gootensils: I LOVE THESE. Seriously, one of my favorite tools for teaching babies to feed themselves. They are a flat double sided "spoon" with no wrong way to hold it. Meaning they are successful 100% of the time.

16-24 months:

  • Stairs and Slide: These works on gross motor skills, properly walking up stairs, balance and some vestibular sensory input.

  • Stack and Sort: This is multifunctional! You can match shapes and colors as well as stacking. It addresses fine motor, visual motor and problem solving skills.

  • Busy Board: All of these parts are sure to keep your little one busy for hours. It is awesome for developing dressing skills, self-help skills, fine motor skills and strength as well as problem solving.

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