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Holiday Toy Ideas

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Buying holiday toys or giving gift ideas to family members can be challenging when you aren't sure what is developmentally appropriate for your child. It is important to understand the WHY behind the toys. This quick guide will give you a brief run down of the benefits of each of the toys posted.

Key Terms:

  • bilateral coordination: using both sides of the body together. These are tasks that require you to use both of your hands.

  • motor planning: this is how our brain knows how to do things but we only know those things because of creating a motor plan. Children are learning their environment and how to navigate it. They are learning depth and where things are in space. Motor planning helps them to coordinate those movements and then it stores them for the next time they need that motor plan.

  • base of support: base of support is where the body connects with a surface. For example, when sitting, their base of support is through their pelvis, crawling their base of support is through their knees and hands, walking the base of support is through their feet.

All links to the toys will be provided with the description. All toys can be purchased on Amazon.