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Holiday Gift Guide 2022

This year, I am breaking the gift guide into smaller age groups. Click the links to take you to the exact item! Happy shopping!

0-3 months:

  1. O-Ball: This is a great tool to help them work on grasp. At this age, you have to help put the ball in their hand but they will use this throughout their first year + of life!

  2. Contrast Cards: For tummy time, these are great to sustain their attention. I personally like the ones you can stand up so they draw their line of sight UP to work on their neck strength.

  3. Tummy time mirror: This mirror is also a staple for tummy time and one you will use for several months! I like the Sassy mirror because it props and is easy to clean!

  4. High Contrast Book: Story time is super important at this age! Using a high contrast book ensures to keep their attention.

  5. Light Up Rattle: You can use this rattle to work on their visual motor skills such as tracking. You can also put it in their hand to work on grasping.

  6. Tummy Time Pillow: New babies typically don't care for tummy time straight on the floor. Using a pillow or boppy helps them tolerate tummy time a little more!

3-6 months: