Holiday Gift Guide 2022

This year, I am breaking the gift guide into smaller age groups. Click the links to take you to the exact item! Happy shopping!

0-3 months:

  1. O-Ball: This is a great tool to help them work on grasp. At this age, you have to help put the ball in their hand but they will use this throughout their first year + of life!

  2. Contrast Cards: For tummy time, these are great to sustain their attention. I personally like the ones you can stand up so they draw their line of sight UP to work on their neck strength.

  3. Tummy time mirror: This mirror is also a staple for tummy time and one you will use for several months! I like the Sassy mirror because it props and is easy to clean!

  4. High Contrast Book: Story time is super important at this age! Using a high contrast book ensures to keep their attention.

  5. Light Up Rattle: You can use this rattle to work on their visual motor skills such as tracking. You can also put it in their hand to work on grasping.

  6. Tummy Time Pillow: New babies typically don't care for tummy time straight on the floor. Using a pillow or boppy helps them tolerate tummy time a little more!

3-6 months:

  1. The UpSeat: At this age, babies become increasingly more into sitting and supported sitting. I don't recommend a lot of "containers" but this one I do! Once they are able to sit in supported sitting I recommend the Upseat. It helps work on their core strength while keeping their pelvis in better alignment. Use my discount code for 10% off! CAITLIN10

  2. Silicone Never Drop Teething Toy: Babies become more aware of their mouths around this age. They also bring their hands to their mouth a lot more. This toy allows them to hold onto something and bring it to their mouth without dropping it.

  3. Glow & Discover Light Bar: This light up bar is great for tummy time. It's super interactive and sure to grab your babies attention! You can use this in tummy time, side lying or while they are on their back.

  4. Textured Stacking Rings: These textures tacking rings are great for not only touching different textures but working on some fine motor and bilateral coordination skills! This is a toy they will use as they get older too!

  5. Tagged Baby Books: These books have "tails" that they can work on grabbing with their fingers/hands to work on grasping. They are a great toy for in the car seat, stroller or out at a restaurant.

  6. Tummy Time Mat: Tummy time is one of the most crucial components to help with their development. At this age they will start rolling belly to back and back to belly. To help with this we use tummy time mats. This one has so many fun things it can be used so many ways and keep them engaged!

6-9 months:

  1. Crawling Crab: This crab crawls and plays music for your little one to track or crawl after. It is super engaging and exciting for your little one to interact with!

  2. Wooden Push Ball: Cause and effect is a skill that is new and exciting for your little one! Make sure you model how to use it for your baby.

  3. Spinning Rainbow Mirror: This is a toy you can use to work on spinning, reaching and activating. When you spin the mirror it makes a fun noise and has all of the rainbow colors to work on some visual and auditory input.

  4. Stacking Blocks: At this age, you are really working on picking up and banging the blocks together. As they get older they will work on stacking them!

  5. Suction Cup Spinners: I LOVE this toy. Firstly, you can use this anywhere it will stick, car windows, in the bath, sliding glass door, etc. Secondly, you can use these is several developmental stages such as sitting, kneeling, crawling, and walking!

  6. Gootensils: My favorite feeding utensils! I start using these when you start feeding but you can use them before that too as a teething tool. These spoons are "fail proof". Both sides are flat but have openings to pick up foods such as purees or lumpy textures.

9-12 months:

  1. Pop Up Toy: This is a fun cause and effect toy that your little one will love to start activating or watch being activated. It is a great toy to use in sitting or on an elevated surface to work on kneeling or standing.

  2. Sensory Tissue Box: I love this tissue box! It is full of multicolored handkerchiefs that you can push in and pull out of the box. This helps your little one learn cause and effect, work on fine motor skills and is also a sensory activity with the textures and visual stimuli.

  3. Pull String Toy: This toy is awesome for working on those fine motor skills and pincer grasps. It is also a great toy you can take on the go in the car seat or stroller!

  4. Activity Table: These are great to work on standing skills, pulling to stand, and cause and effect.

  5. Push Walker: Around 12 months, your baby will want to walk and have some sense of independence. Using the push walker is one way they can achieve that! If it moves too fast, you can weigh it down with some weights.

  6. Simple Knob Puzzle: Around 10 months, they will be able to pick up simple knob puzzles and attempting to put it back into the slot. They should master this skill around 12-14 months!

12-24 months:

  1. Balance Bike: Around 16 months, your little one can start working on balance by walking with a balance bike. This is a precursor to riding a tricycle.

  2. Crawl Through Tunnel: Technically you can start using this around the time they start crawling. As they get older, they will love to throw things in this and crawl after them!

  3. Hedgehog Pegs: This toy helps them work on their fine motor skills such as their pincer grasp and visual motor skills to place the peg into the hole.

  4. Squigz: One of my FAVORITE tools as an OT! You can push these together, pull them apart, suction cup them to multiple different surfaces, and take them wherever!

  5. Water Table: Even though this is a holiday gift... it still makes for a GREAT gift and one that will surely be used. Not only is it a sensory experience, but your little one can work on their pouring skills. If you don't want to use water, you can use sand until it is warm enough outside!

  6. Pull Apart Eggs: These pull apart eggs are so fun and work on so many different skills. It works on bilateral coordination (using both sides of the body together), visual motor skills to match shapes and colors, and problem solving.

24-36 months:

  1. Sensory Table: This sensory table doubles as a little picnic table but can also be covered up if need be. Sensory bins are great for more than just sensory exploration but also working on fundamental skills such as problem solving, cause and effect and works on fine motor skills.

  2. Kinetic Sand: This goes hand and hand with the sensory table. Kinetic sand is one of my favorite messy play options!

  3. Busy Board: Busy boards make a great activity for road trips or plane rides. You can find some that have a lot of activities or one like this one that is a little more basic. This is a board that allows your little one to work on some fine motor skills with a variety of buttons, snaps, ties, etc.

  4. Build & Screw: There are a variety of these types of activities. It works on fine motor skills and also bilateral coordination, having to use both hands working together.

  5. Color Sorting with Tweezers: Using tweezers to pick up and sort helps work on fine motor skills. If they don't want to use tweezers, you could use a spoon to work on scooping or pincer grasp while sorting.

  6. Duplo Lego's: This age is great for introducing or playing with legos. They work on bilateral coordination skills, fine motor skills, problem solving, and bilateral coordination.

3-5 years:

  1. Spelling Game: Once your little one starts identifying letters, you can introduce this game to help them start to spell. It works on their visual motor skills, problem solving and helps with learning to read/write. You can add to this by having them write and copy the letters/words down!

  2. Screwdriver Board: This is a step up from the build and screw. This board allows them to work more on their fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, and visual motor skills to use the screwdriver, allen wrench and wrench!

  3. Zingo: This is a great visual motor game but ALSO a great speech game! It works on matching and strategizing. You can also have your child read the word or tell you the picture.

  4. Pop and Catch: This game works on visual motor skills, hand eye coordination, bilateral coordination and even core strength. You don't really think of all the skills you are working on when playing catch, but it really is a great game!

  5. Pop Beads: A great way to work on precise fine motor skills and hand strength by pushing together the pop beads!

  6. Scissor Skills Book: Scissor skills are super important at this age. This book give them guidelines for things to cut out. Rule of thumb is by 5 they should be able to cut out a circle with smooth cuts. Make sure their elbow isn't high in the air and they are rotating the paper with their supporting hand.

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