Easter Basket Ideas

0-24 months:

  1. Hide & Squeak Eggs: These are good for auditory stimulation, cause and effect and bilateral coordination (using both of your hands together).

  2. Pop Tubes: I love these as a sensory tools. They make a cool noise and work on bilateral coordination, pulling the pop tubes apart!

  3. Carrot Teether: The teether provides soothing sensory input into the mouth which helps bring more awareness to the mouth. You can also put it in the freezer for added teething benefits!

  4. Bunny Pull Along: Great for working on walking skills, cause and effect and using fine motor skills to pull the toy by the string.

  5. Stacking Eggs: These textured eggs can be stacked in multiple ways. It is good for developing shoulder strength and stability by reaching, cause and effect and for tactile stimulation.

  6. Carrot Peg Toy: I love these peg toys! So good for fine motor and visual motor skills. Plus, they match the easter theme!

  7. Matching Shape Eggs: One of my favorite bilateral coordination tools. This elicits problem solving, fine motor coordination and works on visual motor skills as well.

  8. Egg Chalk: A super fun way to work on grasp and drawing by using chalk. You can use it on your driveway or on an elevated surface like cinder block walls for added shoulder stability!

3 years and up

  1. Extreme Egg Toss: This is a fun game to work on catching and tossing which is a skill that should be mastered between 3-4 years old.

  2. I Spy Little Bunnies: A classic that works on visual motor skills, visual scanning and finding things in a messy background.

  3. Flower STEM toy: This toy is so inventive and really works on some of those executive functioning or higher level cognitive skills like problem solving. It is also great for fine motor skills and coordination.

  4. Dinosaur Egg Kit: I loveeee these! Such a fun sensory experience. They get to get messy while "excavating" the dinosaurs. This works on fine motor skills, sensory processing (tactile), and attention.

  5. Playdoh Eggs: Playdoh is always a favorite of mine. It is the perfect tool for hand strength, fine motor coordination and tactile stimulation. You can make the Playdoh into eggs and then roll smaller pieces to decorate the eggs.

  6. Waterbead filled Eggs (stress ball): These can be used as a self-regulation tool for calming down. These can also be visually and tactily stimulating as well!

  7. Bunny Hop Memory Game: Memory games also work on those higher level cognitive skills like problem solving and short term memory.

  8. Easter Stamps: I love stamps to work on fine motor skills and visual accuracy. I pair these with do a dot worksheets and to try and place the stamps into the circle do a dot targets. They can also be used to make easter cards or decorate Amazon boxes!

If you have any questions please feel free to DM me on instagram @ivegotyoubabes!

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