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Prime Day Deals as recommended by a mama and an occupational therapist!

Push walker: good for working on sitting skills, pull to stand and emerging walking skills

Teether keys: not only can you use them for teething but you can add them to sensory safe activities like jello or water

Tummy time water mat: this is a super engaging mat that makes tummy time more fun for your little one

Fine motor string toy: this is a knock off of another really popular toy. Your little one can work on fine motor skills by pulling each of the strings through some resistance. It makes for a great stroller toy!

Tummy time crab: this is a fun toy that is good for engaging your baby during tummy time. It draws their line of sight up and keeps them occupied.

Stacking blocks: stacking blocks are an essential to baby development! Can't go wrong with these!

Sensory Tissue Box: I love this tissue box! It has a variety of textures, shapes, and colors that your baby will pull out of a tissue box.

Stacking rings: another essential toy in baby development and these double as teethers!

Fine motor dinosaur: this allows your child to work on their pincer grasp and visual motor skills to place the spikes and pull them out.

Suction cup spinners: one of my all time FAVS! These are so versatile. You can put them on the window, bath tub, high chair while working on sitting or standing.

Balance bike: Balance bikes are great for working on balance for the toddler age before they move to a tricycle.

Fine motor carrots: another great toy that works on pincer grasp and visual motor skills by placing the carrots in the peg holes.

Teetherpop Teether: these are essential for your teething baby. You can start with breast milk and then when they move to solids you can put baby food or mashed up fruits in them and freeze them for teething and building oral motor skills.

Tummy time board: a staple for all tummy time. I like that it props up so that it drives their line of sight up and works on their neck strength. The contrasting colors will surely keep your baby's attention.

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