24-36 month Activities

Toddlers are so fun but also SO bossy. It can be a challenge to keep them occupied throughout the day! Here are just a few activities you can do and different areas that they help work on and improve!

  1. Animal Walks: Animal walks such as bear walks (on hands and feet), frog jumps, crab walks, etc. are SO good for strength and development. It helps with upper body strength, core strength, body awareness, and providing proprioceptive input.

  2. Water Paint: Using a water bucket and paintbrush, your little one can paint anything without actually painting. This is a great way to work on those pre-writing shapes and grasp on the paintbrush. It also worked on shoulder stability by painting on an elevated surface like the wall. You can kick it up a notch and use chalk on the wall and then have them paint it off with water or trace it. This works on visual and fine motor skills, sensory processing, shoulder stability and hand strength.

  3. Scooping & Transferring: This activity is great for toddlers because they love transfer for put things in containers. Adding the scooping component can help build on spoon skills. You can use sensory bins or small bowls for scooping and have another container to transfer and dump into the other bin. It can be oats, rice, pumpkin seeds, etc. This is great for fine motor skills, building on feeding skills and hand eye-coordination.

  4. Scissor Practice: Scissor skills are super important around this age. It is important to introduce scissors around 3 years old. At 3, they should be snipping strips of paper. Make sure their thumb is up towards the ceiling. If they are having trouble with using standard scissors try using loop scissors or spring loaded scissors! This works on bilateral coordination, fine motor and visual motor skills.

Let me know if you have any questions or how these activities go!

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