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12-16 month activities

At this age, they are VERY opinionated and are super active. It can be challenging to find a variety of activities to occupy them! Below are a few ideas for this age and what area of development it helps!

  1. Stacking Blocks- This works on fine motor skills by how they pick up the blocks and also bilateral coordination (using both sides of the body together). It also addresses visual motor skills by having to look and motor plan where the block is an be able to accurately place it on top of the other block.

  2. Patty Cake: Playing Patty Cake is a fun interactive game where your baby starts to imitate you. At first, you will put your hands over their hands to show them the different movements and then sit across from them so they can watch how you do it. After a little while, they will start to imitate the movements on their own. This also helps with working on clapping which is an important developmental skill!

  3. Obstacle Course: