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0-3 month old activities

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

I wanted to talk more about different activities you can do with your 0-3 month old! Babies may not seem like they are doing too much at this stage but they are developing SO much everyday!

Here are some different activities you can do with your baby:

  • Use a bobby pillow and lay them on their tummy or try and prop them up on their elbows

  • Baby gyms or mobiles that have contrasting colors (black and white)

  • Using lighted toys to work on visual tracking

  • Alternate walking around the room mom/dad and look for your baby tracking you

  • Singing and dancing to your baby, who doesn't love a good dance party!?

  • Swings- start working those vestibular systems early. This will help later down the line with tilting their heads back in the bath or with lessening the chances of getting car sick.

  • Yoga balls- I love using yoga or exercise balls! You can prop them up and place their feet on your pelvis. Lay their belly on the yoga ball (they are basically sandwiched between you and the yoga ball.) Once they are comfortable you can slightly rock the yoga ball back and forth. (I can do a video on this!)